This Is My Condition

Artist / Band / Musician
Hey kids. don't contact me here or on facebook. just directly at Word. Or visit for the latest (if any) updates. TIMC is still active, just not on these sites so much anymore.

"Playing guitar drums and microphone at the same time (presumably with the help of a loop pedal or two), Craig Comstock has created a dense and hectic soundscape Loose', released under the name This Is My Condition. Featuring 13 short sharp noisy offerings, the whole album is a twisted delight, dissonant, challenging, funny and intense. You may not play it very often, but you will leap around the living room when you do. ( Also available is 'This Mission' a collaboration between This Is My Condition and dkzk (aka Dan Kozak). Here the spiky songs are augmented by howling sax, flutes and more to create a free jazz squall that will either make you shudder or rejoice, depending on your taste. Personally, I find it invigorating and joyous, the sound of a winter storm approaching." -Terrascopic Rumbles November 2007(
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