THE SUBDUDES "Have You Seen Her (Chi-Lites Cover)" 7-22-14 Stage One FTC Fairfield CT - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 23, 2014
Please visit for the latest tour and merch info! Please support this great artist, see them live and buy their music! Damn it!
All videos I post here I shot myself I do not actually own any of this copyrighted material. This is a labor of love I do not monetize anything I post here (although YouTube is constantly trying to get me too). Any ads placed on my videos I have no control over and wish they would not be there. Please visit these artists websites and support them by buying their music, merchandise or better yet go see them LIVE! Thanks to all who have subscribed and the 1,100,00 views you have given to my videos!
Please also support the arts in your local community.Get involved make a difference! The Fairfield Theater Company could use your help. They are a non-profit organization here in southern CT (they do not endorse or condone any of my videos by the way) that brings over 200 live shows each year here. To become a member or just throw them a few bucks (they could use it) go here
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