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You're invited to our FREE CC's NOMRF Community Concert Series5:30 Craig Klein Trio Royal Street Saturday 12/126 Joe Krown Magazine/ Jefferson Sunday 12/135:30 Leroy Jones Trio Royal Saturday 12/196 John Rankin Esplanade Sunday 12/206 Spencer Bohren Esplanade Saturday 12/266 Johnny Sansone and John Fohl Esplanade Sunday 12/27

Thanks for Keeping the Help Rolling in, 4 Years Later

The New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, a 501(c)3 grass roots charity, is grateful to those who have contributed three pianos with one on the way, including two baby grands (one to a teacher from Pearl River). We have also contributed evacuation vehicles, guitars, horns, drums, concertinas and more. We're sorting through 10,000 strings donated by Taylor Guitars. Hallmark Magazine recommended donating instruments to displaced musicians (tip 2), and so did Blog Action Day ( tip 10). Visit our Impact Award nominated MySpace page for details.

Over four years post-Katrina, our supporters are deeply appreciated.

You can support these efforts with our Impact / PayPal widget at: (>

The 501(c)3 New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund pays no office rent, utilizes volunteer social workers and hires only two employees to help your donation dollar go further. Founded by and for displaced musicians, the Fund has helped hundreds of still-displaced musicians with funds, instruments and housing as they continue to rebuild their lives. We primarily receive donated instruments these days, and find each of them a good home.

This is the NOMRF video featuring the late Barry Cowsill's "Kid" and REM's "South Central Rain". It kicks off with Barry jugging bubbles, a very Barry thing to do if you knew him. Our founder Jeff Beninato, former bass player for the dB's, was in The Stragglers with Cowsill. The New Wave Brass Band second lined at Barry's memorial and our Fund was glad to be able to replace the band's instruments after the storm, along with others. Kid: The Legend of Barry Cowsill (With REM Track) by

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Ian Hunter's anthem How's Your House Video from Yep Roc Records was part of our ReDefine 8/29 Rolling Stone Magazine Four Star Review, with an amazing Video Below by Grewvia in our videos. Look for these and other download tracks at (>

The New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund's ReDefine 8/29 program supports Furnishing Our Neighbors which offers furniture starting at $8 and $29 in a warehouse behind Rock and Bowl.

The grass roots New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund ( offers graphic tees, family piano prints, and more (click logo tee below), and donations are very welcome.

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