The Residents - God in Three Persons (1988) [Full Album] - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 08, 2013
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God in 3 Persons was The Residents' first recording project which was designed from the beginning for CD. An LP album has to have a natural break in the middle of the music, with a strong beginning and ending for each side. CDs, which play straight through from beginning to end without a break, allow for a different oganizational form, since works are only limited by the 74-minute total playing time.

The band also had a new sound -- clean and crisp, playing their instruments with precise professionalism. The sung and spoken words were enunciated quite clearly and the audience was expected to follow the text. This was necessary as the story is being told to the audience, rather than shown or implied as with previous works.

1. Main Title from God in Three Persons - 0:00
2. Hard and Tenderly - 3:50
3. Devotion? - 8:25
4. The Thing about Them - 12:00
5. Their Early Years - 16:04
6. Loss of Loved One - 20:43
7. The Touch - 25:33
8. The Service - 29:05
9. Confused (by What I Felt Inside) - 34:04
10. Fine Fat Flies - 38:42
11. Time - 43:05
12. Silver, Sharp and Could Not Care - 44:24
13. Kiss of Flesh - 47:25
14. Pain and Pleasure - 57:03
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