The Residents - Shadowland Tour - May 3 2014 @ Paard van Troje, Den Haag (FULL SHOW!) - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 05, 2014
This is the full performance of The Residents: Shadowland - Part Three of the Randy, Chuck and Bob Tour Trilogy. The show took place May 3rd 2014 in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Just like last year's show, I did my absolute best to record the show, but because I had to travel so far to the venue, timing issues prevented me from snagging a front row seat. Instead, I was slightly right of the stage, in the 5th row. Luckily, I had a relatively clear shot of the whole stage for 98% of the performance. Due to my PS Vita's 30 minute video length restriction, there are numerous cuts in the performance BUT I made sure all of them took place during the audience's applause. In one of the cuts, I missed literally two beats of the song. You'll see it. Sorry about that :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! This is the full 2 hour show (less with the applause removed), I am extremely proud to bring yet another full Residents performance to the big collection! I hope you enjoy!
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