Bombs Away & Tenzin - Mother Truckers (Melbourne Bounce) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 28, 2014
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Sometime during this summers festival season, the Bombs Away brothers found themselves locked inside a studio with Sydney's most notorious party boy, Tenzin! Between Tequila shots and bottles of Vodka, the lads found the physical co-ordination to get in the studio and began laying down ideas.

Several days later, after the headaches and blurry vision subsided, the boys revisited the session and realised between the three of them, they had created something special. Equal parts bass, bounce and swagger, Mother Truckers is the perfect soundtrack for punters bold enough to keep up with the boys on a night out. Much like the morning after it's inception, Mother Truckers is light on vocals, but heavy with heaving bass, synths and quirky percussion.

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