Danny G

Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Southern Rock / Metal
Funzalo, Killing Bird, Mesa, Arclight, Monotremata
Danny G has been making a name for himself in the Austin music scene since moving from Corpus Christi, TX in January 2000.

As a guitar player he recorded and toured with Southern Gun Culture and Shandon Sahm, son of Texas Music Legend Doug Sahm. Picking up the bass to broaden his musical options paid off when he joined The Mother Truckers in 2007, who gained heavy airplay on Little Steven's Underground Garage and a feature interview in Nov 2008 Guitar Player Magazine. He was voted Number 8 Bass Player in Austin for the 2008-9 Austin Music Awards. In 2009 he signed on with King's X as guitar tech to Ty Tabor and joined the Eric Tessmer Band full time.

In his meager spare time Danny has home-recorded 2 instrumental solo albums, photographs bands around Austin, writes and updates Danny G's Rock Blog, and builds Armour Roadcases and Pedalboards.

For the gearheads:

Guitar rig: modded 1981 Marshall JCM800 2203, Marshall 1960A and B cabs with each 2 G-75's/2 V30's. Boss TU-2, modded Boss Blues Driver, EA Tremolo/Booster I built, modded Phase 90, modded Crybaby.

Main guitars: 1979 MIJ Ibanez Iceman w/57 Classic + Seymour Duncan Custom 5, 1996 Ibanez PS-10II Paul Stanley Re-issue Iceman w/57 Classic + Rio Grande BBQ. All amp/pedal/guitar modifications done by yours truly.

Bass rig: Late 70's Ampeg SVT, 1993 Ampeg SVT-II, Fender TB-600 rackmount, or new run Acoustic B200H (not all at the same time tho, heh). Ampeg Isovent cab. Boss TU-2, modded Big Muff Pi clone I built, Phase 90, Bass Crybaby.

Main bass: 2002 USA Fender Precision Bass w/Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder. All pedal/guitar modifications done by yours truly.
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