The Box Social Madness - Party on Lorenzo - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 11, 2011

Released in 2009, recorded at Bluebox studios.

lyrics: -Once Again-
Hey There Boy,
How You Doing This Time
I Know Things Wont Seem
To Go Your Way

Just Keep That Chin Up High, I Know You Dont Wish Youd Die
No You Dont

Its All Up Hill From Here
I Bet Youll Find That Your Mind Will Soon Be Clear
You Know What You Need To Do
Everybody Beleives, Believes In You

You Call It A, A Midlife Crisis Now
The Good Times Are Done, You Dont Understand How
Its Nothing That, A Drink Cant Fix You Call It A, A Midlife Crisis Now

Cheating,Lying Good For Nothing Whore
Being Single Is Better Than Before
Nothing But Perks, No Stress To Ignore
On This Road To Recovery Dont Preach Me
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