Quinn Scharber

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Glam / Neo-soul / Chinese pop
The Bus Stop Label
ok listen. Quinn had all these songs he was demoing at home right? But he was playing guitar on all of them and wasn't in a band that he played guitar in at the moment. Follow me? So, he called Joe (with whom he plays in the Nice Outfit) and Thom (who was a former bandmate in The Static Model) and said "would you gentlemen like to get drunk in Thom's basement and try to learn some of my songs?" And they were all, "aww shit man, I don't know, I've got this other stuff goin' on right now, you see, but, ok as long as you don't bring in your sissy songs". So they (somehow) booked a few shows and then Joph Bravo (former drummer in the Static Model) saw them play and nearly shit himself at the lack of tambourine going on in said performance and offered his services. To which Quinn replied "you can play vibro-slap if you want, I'm not sure anyone's listening anyway". Blah Blah Blah.music, music, music. So now they're a band. See, dreams really do come true!
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