Kate Bush (w/ Stephen Fry)- 50 Words For Snow - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 08, 2016
Finally another video. I started this a couple of years ago and didn't finish it until now. I was still in full blown Kate-Bush-only mode. A few months earlier I was quite burnt out on all the other music in my collection. Then I started watching Kate videos on YouTube and within a few hours I was completely won over. Since I was so burnt out on everything else Kate was nearly all I listened to for months. I've since discovered other artists and started listening to my old stuff again but I am also the proud owner of copies of all ten of her albums (and can't wait for the eleventh, "Before the Dawn," recorded during her live shows in 2014).

The video was shot, partly (like my video for "Delius") in the local park in my home town of Mena, Arkansas and partly on the roads around Kirby and Newhope, Arkansas.
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