Willie D

Houston, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / Hardcore
Relentless Music Ventures
Willie D is the type of MC that you can always count on to champion the cause of the undeserved and less fortunate. It makes no difference whether it's his subject matter on records or his diligent work in the community, Willie D delivers the straight truth and integrity without compromise. In this day of pop-oriented rap where MC's are quick to regurgitate the latest politically correct spiel, Willie D's latest solo project entitled No Time 2 Die comes as a much needed breath of fresh air.
Born and raised in Houston Texas' notorious 5th Ward, Willie Dennis sought to avoid the many pitfalls and traps that hard living has for black males. A gifted athlete, Willie took up boxing at the age of 11. Willie D was so good at boxing that in 1985, he became the Golden Glove Champion for the State of Texas. With a Golden Glove championship under his 17-year-old belt it looked like Willie D was well on his way to becoming a professional boxer, but fortunately for hip hop fans fate intervened. Like any teenager growing up in the early 80's Willie D was captivated by the music of his generation. A fan of hip-hop he listened intensely to the music and set his sites on becoming an emcee.
Soon Willie D was earning a reputation around town as a fierce MC. Eventually Willie's reputation reached J Prince, who at the time, was looking to revamp the now legendary Geto Boys and knew that Willie D would be a key factor in the group's success. Once Willie D was on board, Bushwick Bill and Scarface was added to complete the group.
Considered the classic GB line up, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, and Scarface first emerged as the Geto Boys back in 1989 with their monumental Gold record Grip It on That Other Level. The record contained classic songs "Gangsta of Love," "Do It Like a GO," Size Ain't Shit" and "Read these Nikes," all penned by Willie D. Willie went on to record a string of critical and commercially successful solo and group albums including the Geto Boys' We Can't Be Stopped (Platinum), which featured the classic "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me" co-written by Willie D. Now with his latest solo effort No Time 2 Die, which features his new group Huntzville, Willie D raises the bar on his own high standards and delivers his strongest, most complete record. Based on the overwhelming early response by fans and industry insiders alike, the lead single "Fueling My Fire" is already on course to join the long list of classics written by Willie D, proving that he is still the realest rapper in the game! His steadfast refusal to compromise his standards makes him one of the most important MC's of our time.


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