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For 10 plus years in a digital online format Big Wheel Media has been out photographing, filming and capturing all kinds of subjects. Volumes of photos have been published in a variety of magazines, used on many CD’s, posters and various products as well. Our client list includes many of the biggest names in music and we always enjoy working with new emerging artists as well. This site has become one of the definitive sources for show photos, show reviews, all types of music related content as well as the show listings calendar. Over that same 10 plus years we have witnessed many websites and in some cases random photographers attempt to duplicate the content that is found within Big Wheel Online Magazine …and all these same sources came and went as quickly as they came. Big Wheel Online Magazine still remains on the job, covering the music scene while others gave up.

In it’s inception, the Big Wheel Media staff would go out and cover many gigs and concerts everywhere, major action sports events and music lifestyle related pieces and put it all on the news section on the Team Goon website. Soon the news section on Team Goon was seeing a heavy amount of traffic to it each month.

From there the response to what we were doing was overwhelming. It then evolved into a media company of sorts as you see it today where we perform photo shoots, provide content that is syndicated, documentation and historical archive as well as video services. Now it is Big Wheel Online Magazine.

Many of the photos taken have been published in a variety of magazines, used on many CD’s, posters and shirts as well to name a few of the outlets.

Our extensive collection of photos spans over 700,000 images and grows daily. The images range from music, skateboarding, events, lifestyle, street life, buildings, land marks and everything in between that documents history as it is happening. What is seen here is a small collection of that to share with the global village.

We also have a large stock photo collection that spans the gambit of subject matter that is available for purchase or licensing.

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