Supershine - Heartbeats (Diamond Valley 6/12) - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 09, 2011
From "Diamond Valley" released on Playground Music August 22th 2011.


When you get down walking in your town
Walking in the city alone in the bright light
But the light shines so you can not see

Oh what you ́re gonna do, so won ́t you please tell me:
I want you for good, yeah, won ́t you tell me your life still hurts

You came straight down to my part of town
Just to see if I could ignore you
I ́m so terrified about all the coming days
You came to say: Hear my heart beat

I ́m afraid of a break in my common ways
I do my best, not to feel blessed in your dirty grace
I feel scared, I feel numb, I feel petrified, I feel

You came along with all of your empty threats
but they hold enough to hurt me so bad
Do you hear me, when I tell you what you really are
Do you hear it? My heartbeat

In the city alone
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