dUg Pinnick

Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
InsideOut / Magna Carta / Metal Blade / Atlantic
Dug Pinnick is known first and foremost as the soulful singer and bassist for hard rockers King's X. VH1 Voted Kings X number 83 in the top 100 greatest hard rock bands of all time, beating out Lenny Kravitz, Tool and 15 other bands.
Pinnick discovered rock & roll through such greats as Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, while he borrowed from gospel for his singing style. King's X. Signing to Atlantic in 1987, the trio became a favorite with the metal and progressive rock crowd; their music also contained elements of alternative in their hard rock, long before it became en vogue during the '90s. which is a major ingredient to the magical King's X sound. releasing 13 albums from 1987 untill now. , Pinnick released solo albums, Massive Grooves from the Electric Church of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music, in 1998 Pineappleskunk in 2000 both under the alias Poundhound with Jetty Gaskill and Shannon Larkins on drums. Solo releases Emotional Animal in 2006, Strum Sum Up in 2007 under dUg Pinnick. In 2000, Pinnick formed another side project (Supershine), which included ex-members of -sludge-rockers Trouble (guitarist Bruce Franklin Jeff Olson along with Jerry Gaskill on drums) - issuing a self-titled release on Metal Blade the same year, The Mob release in 2005 with members of Winger and Night Ranger. Along with his work with King's X, Poundhound, Supershine, and the Mob, Pinnick has also guested on albums by other artists, including 24-7 Spyz 6, Dream Theater's Falling Into Infinity, and Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus; has produced a pair of albums for Geek (which includes the two sons of King's X drummer Gaskill); and has appeared on tribute albums for Jimi Hendrix (In From the Storm), Van Halen (Little Guitars: A Tribute To), and Metallica (Metallic Assault: A Tribute To) and more.
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