Barcelona, Sp
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop Punk
dronetools / foehn records
It began on 1995, playing a bunch of songs with an acoustic guitar and an open tuned e-guitar lying over the voice monitor and continously changing feedback due to voice interactions.Some months later some friends joined and opened show for Orange. Line up was drums, Farfisa and guitar.
Next gigs included bass player. "No Other Cover Available" demo tape was recorded.On 1998 "Needless" our second demo tape was released.
2001 was the year we published our 1st album "The Day People Became Mutants Because Of Mobile Phones" in our own label. Some gigs and played the BAM.Our 2nd album "Another Perfect Day For Human Extinction" was released on 2004. A lot of gigs followed, playing thru Spain and jumping to the UK to play in Edinburgh and Newcastle!Some songs were also recorded to be the third album, but that's another story.
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