Nicole Atkins "The Tower" Live - Sideshow Alley - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 21, 2012
Nicole Atkins performs "The Tower" live for

When we arrived at Huron street we were a bit confused, a guy dressed in full knight's armour shouting at the east river was being shot by a small camera crew right where we were planning to shoot Nicole Atkins. At first we thought he was part of Nicole's entourage, but then realised that Nicole wasn't there yet. We were hoping that he could stay, but he had some other castle to defend.

"So many cameras I feel like we're in a firing squad".

When Nicole arrived with her co-guitarist Irina Yalkowsky, they set up a Fender Vintage Deluxe Reverb Amp on a long lead to a little generator hooked to a car battery parked around the corner. It looked like a desperate attempt to keep someone on life support as the trucks of Brooklyn rolled past threatening to ruin all sense of sound on this shoot... then they started playing.

The subtlety of this song was not lost on the industrial location and sat perfectly with the setting sun over manhattan in the background, Nicole and co squeezed out a sometimes subtle, sometimes smashing rendition of The Tower from her album Mondo Amore.

We were glad that Sideshow Alley is a one take project as our fading light over the east river became an issue toward the end of this epic 6 minute song. Finishing in near darkness the lovely Nicole remarked...

"I feel like we should be making a drug deal right here, or exchanging a body out of a trunk".

Sideshow Alley captures performing artists in the alleys, laneways and rooftops of Melbourne and New York City One song. One take. With no fixed agenda and no rehearsal. Created by a handful of talented film makers, photographers and sound engineers, the Sideshow Alley collective produce videos from these unique moments.

Director: Sammi Needham
Producer: Brianne McCabe
Editor: Sammi Needham & Dave Budge
Assistant Editor Mia Hildebrand
Colourist: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Sound: Richard Levengood
Mixer: Selwyn Cozens
Camera: Sammi Needham, Patrick McInerney, Ori Dubow, Andrew Levengood, Adrienne Pickering, Roman France, Matt Burniston
Artwork: Belinda Suzette, Ty Johnson
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