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Acoustic / Afro-beat / Jazz
Remna owns a style which is hard to define if one is trying not to be vague, using such words to describe his music as being gumbé, reggae, or blues pure and simple, or in the likes of Bona, Koite, Marley or Dube… It is tough to encapsulate his compositions into a single rhythm, tagging it as one stiff reality. The beauty of the music he makes is the hodge-podge of sounds and rhythms, being anthropophagic, for it seems to reveal everything Remna consumes artistically; one can see images reflected in the music, poetry mixed up with melodies, paintings in the drumming, and a beautiful story told that engages perfectly with what is said, how it is said, and played… Nonetheless, Remna has an eximious vocal technique, potent but not too exaggerated, very sweet, and very clear, that even when singing in a foreign language, one can still sing together for what he says can easily be understood. The music he plays transports us to varied continents, and colorful ambiences

Né au Sénégal d'un père Bissau Guinéen et d'une mère Capverdienne, cet artiste chanteur guitariste emprunt d'originalité croise son destin chaque fois qu'il pose son pied sur scène.
La voix qui le porte souvent comparée est pourtant singulière : tenant pour références : José Carlos Schwarz, Ben harper, Bob Marley, Richard Bona, Steel pulse, Ali Faka Touré, Habib Koité et beaucoup d'autres, cet auteur compositeur s'appuie sur un registre très large pour sa créativité : L'épine dorsale étant l'Afrique, tout ce qui s'y rattache est exploité de manière á ce que l'auditeur soit saisi dans un tourbillon de mélopées gracieusement posées sur une puissante machine à groove.
Un langage musical dont on ne sort pas indemne.
7 ans de travail acharné et de recherche avant de rentrer en studio portent évidemment ses fruits : Un premier disque aux sonorités plurielles, á l'identité affirmée et aux chansons hypnotisantes.

REMNA Schwarz was born in Senegal .His father is from Guine Bissau and his mother from the islands of Cape Verde . This original singer /guitar player crosses the road with what he was destined for everytime he sets his foot on stage.
His amazing voice is often compared but very unique. His references are José Carlos Schwarz, Ben harper, Bob Marley, Richard Bona, Steel pulse, Ali Faka Touré, Habib Koité and many more. This inspiring young writer and composer is very creative. The spine of his work being Africa, everyting that is attached to it is exploited so that the the audience ends up listening to beautiful melodies gracefully laid down on power and groove.
A genuine musical langage.
7 years of work and research before entering the studio gives us without a doubt with a first album with plurality, identity and some would say hypnotising songs.
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