Kemper Profiler - Top 5 Profiles (At The Moment) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 17, 2017
Kemper Profiler - Top 5 Profiles (At The Moment)

Here's a video of my top 5 Kemper profiles I'm digging at the moment!

Check out Kemper here:

**Feel Free To Read This Lot**

Hey Guys - I'm Rabea

I'm the lead guitarist in Dorje and Toska, where i write music, make songs and have a great time with my mates.

Toska -
Dorje -

I've created a complete online guitar course - Sign up for FREE here:

I also have my own line of guitars with Chapman Guitars, and i've designed numerous products with some really cool companies, such as the Victory Amps VX Kraken.

Anyway, i hope you enjoy my videos, thank you for watching!

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Peace & Love
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