Top Jimi Brown Sound Van Halen Kemper demo -FIshman Fluence Classic - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 21, 2017
Buy the Brown Sound Kemper profile pack (and many other great tones) here:

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Hey guys! Uncle Ben Eller here. I gotta share the joy i bought for my Kemper Profiler last week, the Top Jimi Brown Sound pack!!! Oh my god, i haven't stopped smiling ever since i got these. They NAIL the classic Van Halen tones from VH1 all the way through 1984. I'm in love.
I'm playing my 1993 Ibanez RG550 with the Fishman Fluence Classic pickups, which are just perfect for that old school Eddie brown sound. I'm using voice 1, which is the classic PAF. It sounds unreal!!! These pickups are blowing my mind.
There is NO processing, plug ins, effects, EQ, compression, NOTHING on these tracks. Its the profiles exactly how they are when you buy them, straight into Logic. That's it.
In the pack, you get 2-4 tones each for Vh1, Vh2, women and children first, diver down, and 1984, each slightly tweaked to get closer to that album's tone. I used my 3 favorites here, the VH1, 2, and 84 profiles.
If you like what you hear, go buy the profiles for your Kemper! They're not even expensive.
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!
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