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A clip of our "Puzzle Game Medley" we performed at the CIA in Burbank. This is a peice of Tetris, and Dr. Mario. Hard to hear but it's cool nonetheless. Don't know who recorded this but thanks.

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, give us sideways props!

Well what can I say? We are a group of nerds who decided to pull together with all of our combined geekdom to form one giant uber dork. Yeah, we pretty much sing a bunch of nerdy ass crap that relates to anything from video games to cartoon theme songs to random nonsense we pull out of our ass. It's different to say the least but hey, it's fun as all hell. So, strap on those calculater watches, part that hair, and kiss your lunch money goodbye because we are all about kicking the ass of your inner nerd. and you frickin' love it.

Push Start's Rock n' Roll Army

Push Start has 1806 Nerds.

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The Final Sacrifice

This Place is Haunted

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