Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Metal / Psychedelic
Truthcult/Southern Records
You know the story.

1999: "American Style" - Man's Ruin Records

2001: "Experiments In Feedback" - Smallstone Records

2004: "Wine, Women and Song. are Three of the Devil's Playthings" - Smallstone Records

2008: "Porn - Merzbow .and the Devil Makes Three" - Truthcult/Southern Records



"It's not that I don't like your band, it's just that I'm not into it" - JELLO BIAFRA


"An unruly clamor of surly, acid-tinged head rock"

- ROLLING STONE-------------

"An act of dark genius'Experiments in Feedback' is the true hesher sound of taking drugs to make music to take drugs too"


"Nothing but pure sweet, thick'n sludgy low-end heaviness. Yes indeed, the stoners doth rock"

- METAL HAMMER-------------

"Starting with a metal skeleton, Moss and crew (which currently includes Dale Crover of the MELVINS and NEUROSIS Producer Billy Anderson) stretch their gnarled stoner sounds across the rack until the noise screams, bleeds, and bruises into a damaged fusion of sludge and skree. Powerful stuff if it doesn't scare the shit out of you first"

- THE STRANGER seattle-------------

"Porn's 'Comin Home (Smokin Pot on a Sunday Afternoon While UFOs Drone Overhead)' suggests that Heaven is just one hammock and several tokes away"

- CHICAGO TRIBUNE-------------

"When the need for a mental rear-ender is in order, call on Porn for your prescription of psychiatric pummeling"

- LA WEEKLY-------------

"Wow, this is rougher than Black Flag's 'The Process of Burning Out'"

- KNAC.COM-------------

"Guaranteed to vibrate your internal organs."

- OUI-------------

"Porn, perhaps was the biggest waste of time at SXSW.they sounded just like NOISE to me"

- OMAHA WORLD HERALD-------------
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