London, London and South East, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Progressive / Rock
Ipecac, Cuneiform, Aurora Borealis, Neurot
Elixirs CD Neurot Recordings 2008
Black Oni LP Hlava Records 2007
Twisted Stems CDEP Aurora Borealis 2006
Twisted Stems 7"EP Dot Dot Dot Music 2006
Black Oni CD Ipecac Recordings 2005
Five Suns CD Cuneiform Records 2004
Ducks and Drakes of Guapo & Cerberus Shoal CD North East Indie 2003
Great Sage Equal of Heaven CD Tumult/Pandemonium Records 2001
Death Seed (with Ruins and Shock Exchange) CD Freeland Records 2000
Hirohito CD Pandemonium Records 1998
Towers Open Fire CD Power Tool Records 1997

Elixirs Appraisal
Elixirs may accelerate their justified rise to prominence.Guapo manage to make music that captures the essence of those strange hours just before dawn where nothing is real and it feels as if anything is possible. A strange world of half open doors, and shrouded pictures that is quite, quite beautiful. Zero Tolerance
Fusing a deathly post-folk style of composition with wild, exploratory sounds. Stylistically, a single piece of music can turn several corners within just a few moments. Boomkat
Guapo are very deep. Their press release is chock full of words I don't understand relating to and hinting at themes I am not familiar with. While psychadelic music is known to me, never have I heard anything quite like Elixirs. Music Emissions
Elixirs takes brave listeners on a journey through dark forests of time to emerge in barren, but not interminable, climes beyond the treeline. This journey, however, is no fool’s errand. Both external discoveries and deep self-analysis are its reward. Alarm
Guapo, I believe, really have accomplished something far greater than the sum of their past career. Four years in the making, Elixirs is certainly more mature, more thought through, more classy and arranged, more logical in its evolution, as well as way clearer in vision and intent. Avant-Garde Metal
Elixirs abounds with gorgeous melodies suffused in elegant tonalities, but nothing sounds obvious or played out. Rather, mystery imbues nearly every passage over the disc's six tracks (stretched over 58 minutes, all of them justified). Curb Your Cynicism
Their tidal force succeeds in distorting the listeners’ interior strings in no time; intensely rarefied, the music swirls around your brain and continues to swoosh long after the last note is played. The Silent Ballet
Droning strings. Eastern melodies. Bombastic battery. Elegant eeriness.
Yet at this point, Guapo have developed their own sound to a degree where you can't just tag them as a retro proposition. Aquarius Records
Anyone who misses the epic gestures of old can only marvel at Guapo's restrained sleight of hand, given the ambiance of ritualistic intensity herein. Terrorizer
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