Missingmew (re)plays DevPro - Skull Servants vs. Beelze - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 17, 2014
Note: I dont do google+.
Description contains information, might be useful :D

So I decided to upload some devpro footage. Im not really a pro, so dont expect any ultra-boss combos (or something similar).
This win was maximum uber trolling, to be honest that Xyz at the end was a "lol I can haz win wit dat" decision, and it worked out :)

Me - Skull Servants
cocojones87 - Beelze

This is a replay, as I wasnt recording when I played this duel, but that win was cool enough to show ya :)

Music used ingame is from YuGiOh Spirit Caller for the NDS (in case someone wonders).
If there is demand for explanation/translation, I will add some and change the language to english for future games.
Oh, and Konani, please dont fire a claim at this one D:
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