PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Breakcore / Live Electronics
anyone interested in putting us out?
They don't have a "Slovenly Goat Worship" genre in the drop down menu.
We here at Porktamer take the internet very seriously. Deadly serious. For serious.
At one point, LaLiLuLeLo
and A Feculent Rainbow were the democratically elected leaders of Porkistan. However, US interference lead to their ouster. Ironically the former leaders sought asylum in the very country responsible for funding the coup that displaced them. They promised to wage a war of subtle subversion through the crafting of fast-food experimental collages and deafening US citizens one show at a time. Deaf to all infidels!!! Porku Akbar!

Musically speaking, 'experimental' suffices as the strictest definition of Porktamer's sound. Due to a chronic case of Musical Attention Deficit Disorder [not to be confused with Mothers Against Drunk Driving as Porktamer supports inebriation and/or transportation but, in no way, endorses mothers of any variety], Porktamer has taken on IDM, Breakcore, Glitch, Dubstep, Noise, Doom, Sludge, Punk, Crust, Black/Power/Death Metal, Grindcore, Ambiance, Prog, RIO, Hip-Hop, Crunk, Synth Pop, Electro, Jazz, Spaghetti Western and/or Italian Horror Film Scores, as well as many other genres (most of which, they swear they didn't just make up). Due to chronic cases of self-importance and mortal idiocy, they like to call their genre, "Avant-Tarde." Porktamer attempts to translate their 'jack-off-of-all-trades' nature into their live performances which often include projected visuals, naked bodies, bleeding ears and the mockery of serious illnesses and disorders. Deadly Serious, I tell you.
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