P.G. Six - Old Man On The Mountain - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 31, 2013
It was late one night, I pulled off to the side of the road in my dreams, I wandered off in the woods, walked up this lonesome hillside where a quarry had been past an old graveyard and an old stone kiln, I saw a rustic cottage, an old man lived there ,high up on this mountain with no one else around, so how we got to talking, I sat with him and drank, we told each other stories, I sung a song I'd learned.

Whiskey, oh whiskey has made a retch of me but oh, the harm whatever I have done, I done it all for you, whiskey, oh whiskey.

It was then he told a story how the devil had gone retired to the country where no one was around, it seemed that the evils of men had surpassed any expectations the devil ever had.

The bottle, it was empty, it wasn't worth a damn, I started down this mountain where no one was around.
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