Kitchen Cynics

Aberdeen, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk / Psychedelic / Experimental
Les Enfants etc(UK) Secret Eye (US) Audiobot (Eur)
Longstanding Folk/Psych practitioners from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Have produced many tapes, records & CDs, and supported the Incredible String Band, Julian Cope,Terry Reid, Josephine Foster, PG Six, Major Matt Mason USA, Marissa Nadler, Black Forest/Black Sea, Thomas Truax, Amy Rigby etc. Have also played as part of Damo Suzuki's Network. You can order the 2 new albums here.

"Music that sounds like its emanating from a very old phonograph, fitting for this sort of moody folk pop impressionism"

You can order some albums by mail from Melody Bar here: or download some albums from Folk Police by clicking on the link below

"Music that sounds like its emanating from a very old phonograph, fitting for this sort of moody folk pop impressionism"

"One of God's songwriters, he has been firing off intriguing compositions like sparks from the Catherine Wheel of his mind for as long as I can remember, and probably longer than he can." (Ptolemaic Terrascope UK)

"Often the feeling is like a sort of personal Celtic blues; but there is magic, and deep mystery too." (Dream Magazine USA)

"Alan wouldn't easily accept it but he's making quietly important music and recognition will come. He's trying in the songs of small moments to explore genuine emotions, to connect rather than just entertain." (Woven Wheat Whispers UK)

"The bittersweet melancholy ditties on showcase here are in a league of their own. Theres much within the mystical sounds and gorgeous rich overtones thatll leave you panting for more." (Is This Music UK)

"Personal tales of love and loss amidst the harsh reality, mundane and idiosyncratic existence of everyday life are delivered with the contrasting sensitivity and crudeness that typifies the world inhabited by characters of say a Mike Leigh play." (Psychedelic Albums UK)

"Slowly we drift into a world of psychedelic lo-fi folksongs, containing echoes of Pearls Before Swine and Syd Barrett." (Storing BELGIUM)

"Marvellous folk floaters with an elusive timeless quality are placed right next to intimate bedroom psychedelia. The outcome is always draped in emotional honesty and although most of the tracks are relatively downcast they somehow also manage to be infectious." (Broken Face SWEDEN)

"Much to my delight, Davidson has continued producing quixotic music through the years and shows no signs of letting up. There will always be something legendary about the Kitchen Cynics for me. It's amazing how fresh & enthusiastic Davidson is about this after 20 years." (Foxy Digitalis US)

"The Kitchen Cynics isnt so much a band to enjoy, as a member of the family you havent visited for a while. The charming, eccentric cousin you are amused, beguiled and often moved by. Dont wait to visit so long next time." (Unbroken Circle UK)

"They could be joining the likes of the Fence Collective, Lucky Luke and Scatter as rulers of Scotland's skewed folk realm." (Beard UK)
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