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100% working class Oi! music from Holland
Many times Evil Conduct was compared with legendary Oi! bands from the early eighties. They were even nicknamed "the Dutch Last Resort". Although the band regards this as a big compliment it is obvious that Evil Conduct has its own identity with its own distinctive sound. Their music may be classified as basic, straight-in-yer-face, sing-along working class Oi! with powerfull vocals.
Evil Conduct was originally formed in 1984. But, with 2 skinheads in the line-up it was very hard to get any gigs in the eighties. After recording a demo and only a hand full of gigs, the band called it a day in 1988. In the nineties however, the demo-recordings were released as two 7" singles, and because hardly anybody knew anything about Evil Conduct, the band became some kind of obscure legend. In 1998-99 the band agreed to make a come-back after numerous requests by promoters. Since then, Evil Conduct has played gigs all over Europe and they have obtained a good live-reputation. The band is also renowned for its strong skinhead-identity, and what's more, singer-guitarist Han is a well-known tattooer working at
In the beginning of 2006 Han and Ray welcomed Joost as their new bass-player. His rough style makes Evil Conduct's music even more punchy. The new line up recorded a 7" EP called 'Never Let You Down', which was released in autumn 2006 in order to satisfy the needs of their loyal following! After that the band concentrated on giging and writing new material for an album. This album was called KING OF KINGS and it hit the streets in October 2007. Due to circumstances it took the band 5 years to come up with this album, but i guess it has been worth waiting for. There's 14 tracks on the album, 12 self-penned songs and 2 coverversions of songs written by Jimmy Cliff and Hank Williams. Like previous albums this one is also released by Knockout Records and it will be available on CD as well as on LP. Also released by Knockout Records was a re-release of Evil Conduct's debut-album 'Sorry . No' which included the 1986 demo-recordings.

7" vinyl
A Way Of Life (Streetwise Records)
A Way Of Life (Mad Butcher Records)
Bootboys EP (Mad Butcher Records)
Never Let You Down EP (Randale Records)
The Way We Feel EP (Randale Records)
Turning The Past Into The Present (split with The 4 Skins)
Home Sweet Home/One Of The Boys (Randale Records)

12" vinyl & cd-albums
Sorry No (Skanky 'Lil / Knock Out Records)
Eye For An Eye (Knock Out Records)
King Of Kings (Knock Out Records)
Sorry . No (Knock Out Records) re-release
The Way We Feel (Randale Records) mini-cd
Sorry No PICTURE LP(Knock Out Records)
Eye For An Eye PICTURE LP(Knock Out Records)
Rule O.K. (Randale Records) November 2010

It's been only 3 months since Evil Conduct's 'The Way We Feel' EP/mini-cd hit the streets but now another new 7" vinyl single is on its way. The band was in the studio this summer and has just approved the final mix. We're convinced that these tracks will blow you off your feet. The songs on the record are:
side A: Home Sweet Home
side B: One Of The Boys
In the near future you'll be able to listen in on at least one of these 2 tracks here on the Evil Conduct myspace page. So better check every now and then. You don't wanna miss this one.
The new single will be released by RANDALE RECORDS, expected release date is 24 October 2009. What a coincidence, the band is playing a gig that day at the Forellenstube in Schramberg (Germany), headquaters of Randale Records. Cheers!

At the 4 Skins gig in Osnabrück (Germany) on July 11th 2009, a 7" split single featuring The 4 Skins and Evil Conduct was given away for free to the first 500 visitors. There was only pressed a limited number of 500 copies. This historic record is not for sale, but if you are lucky a few copies might be available through e-bay in the future.


NEW EVIL CONDUCT featuring FRANKY FLAME 7"EP & MINI-CD!!!OUT NOW!!!! The new Evil Conduct EP hit the streets!!! Be prepared for a bit of a new sound because for this occasion, Oi! veteran FRANKY 'BOY' FLAME (Superyob) has joined the Dutch kings of Oi! He accompanies the EC-lads on piano and keyboard and what's more, he's doing lead-vocals on the title-track THE WAY WE FEEL. The record is released by RANDALE RECORDS as a 7" EP and there will be a limited number of 100 copies in coloured vinyl. There's 4 songs on the EP:The Way We FeelPay The PriceAfter The RainBrogues And CrombiesRANDALE RECORDS also released THE WAY WE FEEL as a mini-CD which also includes the 3 tracks from the NEVER LET YOU DOWN EP (released in 2006 by Randale Records and now for the first time ever available on CD). Also included as a bonustrack is a 100% Evil Conduct version of The Way We Feel!Orders can be made from RANDALE RECORDS
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