PUBLISHED:  Oct 17, 2012
Taken from the CD "Hiding place (Pumpkin records, 2009).

For the past decade, The Jaybirds have been tickling the public pink with their fabulous freak-beat garage rock endeavors, and are scheduled to unveil a new single and album at the end of the year. But until that occurs, Norb Payr, who hails from Vienna and performs in the prized band, has released his first solo outing, "Hiding Place," which is nothing short of a surefire accomplishment. Besides penning, producing and arranging all the songs on the disc, Norb plays guitar, bass, harp, mandolin and shakers, with Ed Schnabl on guitar, Gernot Feldner on piano, Klaus Sypal on accordion and drummers BB Kong and Aram Zarikian sealing the deal.
While the majority of tracks on "Hiding Place" exude a homegrown country folk finish, pop and psychedelic impressions occasionally creep into the set. Quirky and picturesque lyrics also ride the rails that in turn furnish the material with a charmingly quaint demeanor. Norb's vocals are laid back and relaxed, which resonant beautifully with the fluid and focused instrumentation fueling the tunes. The title cut of the disc, "Early In The Morning" and "No Question of Time" twinkle like mad with irresistible melodies, and shades of the blues frame  "In The Morning." "Cloud 9" is extremely contagious too, as it skips and hops to the frisky fills of a pumping organ. Electric guitars intersect with acoustic guitars in a most agreeable manner, and the implementation of an accordion and mandolin lend a smart tone to the proceedings. Reflections of Buffalo Springfield and Emitt Rhodes arise here and there, but overall "Hiding Place" is stamped with Norb's own unique fingerprints, and that's what allows it to be so special.  
By Chief „The Lance Monthly" Staff Writer, Beverly Paterson, USA
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