Le TechnoPUSS13S

SinSinNasty, OHIO, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Experimental / Indie

"Part performance art, part Martian Disco house band, Le TechnoPUSS13S are hands-down one of the most interesting and original bands to ever call Cincinnati home."

   -Mike Breen, Citybeat

Copy and Paste for FUN FUN times!

• Ride the Goodtime-A-Tron CD

The epitome of DIY!

Each hand made CD-R is lovingly crafted by Dr. Meow Meow

in the same laboratory that gave birth to the sounds thereon.

$10 (shipping included)

• Tees

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Le TechnoPUSS13S started as a little joke in the boring-ass fall of 2002 and by now has grown into a medium-sized joke that still has Cincinnati laughing. Which is a good thing cuz we midwesterners need to laugh more. Laugh and Dance Dammit!!!!

I said dance!
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