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FAIRMOUNT GIRLS formed in 1996 in a small cincinnati urban neighborhood, Fairmount. Ohio is the birthplace of Annie Oakley The ever changing lineup [now cemented by Randy Cheek of the Ass Ponys and Pat Hennessy of the Tigerlilies and Steve Girton of Sistern fame] has forced the girls to prosper and reinvent themselves resulting in 3 full length albums [Eleven Minutes To Anywhere and Tender Trap] plus multiple singles and compilations .

Their new album of summertime hits "FOREVER" was released June 27th 2008.

the FG's have showcased their music at CMJ, NXNE, MPMF, Ladyfest, and countless opening slots including Guided By Voices, the White Stripes, 1990's ,Scrawl, Helium, Forget Cassettes, Fruit Bats, Jonathon Richmond, etc. Displayed on their piano are CEA awards for best new artist and indie artist of the year as well the coveted

CAMMY award .

Fairmount Girls are steeped in pop culture and am radio. They recall these influences from motown and bubblegum and combine this with a DIY punk aesthetic and indie rock to make something their own. Thick vocal harmonies and Farfisa organ are the trademark FG sound !

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