Culture Queer

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Pop / Electro / Experimental
Tokyo Rose Records
Culture Queer is an international electro-pop band that resides in Cincinnata ,Ohio USA.

Cincinnata is a grim and humid spot ,middle america . WE ARE NOT GAY UNLESS YOU MEAN HAPPY GO LUCKY.

Combining pop melodies, effected live video mixing, and cool-ass samples, we break out of the wet cardboard box of live rock music. At the very least, entertainingwhat we hope for is a catharctic mess. The phrase culture queer refers to a local high school term in which the jocks make fun of the art students. Oh, you are so culture queer. Their favorite drama tv themesong is from CHiPS. They are very experimental at this point but always melodic. You should hear dana's mini disc recordings. They are off the charts.

Performing with groups the likes of.Low,

Of Montreal, Macha, the Frogs, Bevis Frond, Quasi, Vhs or Beta, Bloodthirsty Lovers

plusPop Montreal ,Midpoint music festival, Contemporary Art Center, the Playhouse, Ensemble Theater, LiteBriteTest film festival , and Autumedia ! Big god damn deal. WE LIKE WEIRD, for God's sake.


It comes one day that two broken ass people would meet. They would tell each stories that others simply could not hear. This is always the case. They talked and laughed about stories about the bar down the street that did not let you in unless you had leather on.

Many many houses down, a impish man was being beaten down and had only his credible instruments to depict his inner torment. But, shit, things could get worse, right?

A big haired man with a fro the size of an old maple, stared at the two and soon approached and made a couple soft singing noises. Sounded like a mix between a bird chirp and a guttural “uhgh.” It was completely music to their ears. He listened to bands with one name that usually depicted a moving object (car, truck, atv, F150).

So. there were 4. Actually, up to a point, there were 3. Come together on a damn dime and made what seemed like a whole. There was a lot of celebration. Tuning forks were glistening…the tight viola a perfect plum. Music was played. Shit, the album was made in a fit of depression, denial, dancing and sometimes the perfect dish.

No one died but instead another was added. Not through birth, but through evolution. Because the broken down had found a fourth. Now they could throw more into the mixture. They imagined that it would be a soundscape of harmonic seagulls and whistling winds as waves crashed on the shore.

There would be many songs made, produced, decked, ditched and metabolized. Like a book, like a poem (For, instance: “lay down for the piss and misery” ) The girl liked to cook, the boys liked to sit and discuss the state of things in the informal dining room. Those were good times.

But, it was now. It was now and now it’s the past.


For years now, Culture Queer has taken the elements of traditional Pop (sprightly melodies, unquenchable effervescence) and injected the proceedings with a quirky liquidity (Electronic experimentalism, Eno-like lyrical conundrums, New Wave energy, a wonderfully disguised darkness), resulting in a fascinating mash-up of style and substance. Culture Queer consistently provides the soundtrack for you to dance your ass off at the intersection of Think and Don’t Think.

Dig It: Brian Eno and Puffy Ami Yumi starring in the big screen musical version of Three’s Company (with Carl Newman and Neko Case as the Ropers). (BB)
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