Kultur Shock - STOP THE DISCO (Official Music Video) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 27, 2012
Stop the Disco is an official music video from the upcoming EP Tales of Grandpa Guru, Vol. 1, Kultur Shock Records, record release July 31st, 2012.


Recorded at The Soundhouse, Seattle, March 2012
Recorded and mixed by Jack Endino
Mastered by John Cunniberti
Produced by Kultur Shock

All music and arrangements on the EP by Kultur Shock, except Umoran sam od Zivota
- music and lyrics by Toma Zdravkovic
All lyrics by Gino Yevdjevic, except Prologue by Val Kiossovski
Published by MoreShockMusic, ASCAP

Directed by: Chrispy Harrison & Motzo Bozic

Cinematography & editing by Motzo Bozic & Chrispy Harrison

Post Production by Nameraka Films & Chrispy Visuals

Illustrations by Tico Tikulin


Concept by Gino Jevdevic

Fight Director - Tom Dewey

Location - Chop Suey Seattle

Steban Waller (turntables)
Tom Dewey (weapons)

Appearing in the video:

Tom Dewey
Tyler Johnson
Chrispy Harrison
Carolina Martinez
Kelly Waugh
Kelcie Borton
Kultur Shock

The biggest thanks to Hisato, Roy and Chop Suey

Inspiration and biggest thanks to:
Pekingska Patka, Clockwork Orange, and Kill Bill.

Kultur Shock are:
Gino Yevdjevich - vocals and percussion
Val Kiossovski - guitar, vocals
Chris Stromquist - drums, percussion, vocals
Guy M. Davis - bass, vocals
Amy Denio - Saxophone/ clarinet, vocals
Paris Hurley - violin, vocals
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