Palehorse-Don't Come Knocking When I'm Listening to Dokken - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 29, 2013
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Palehorse formed in 2000 out of the ashes of three U.K. Hardcore bands Abjure, Kneejerk and Sunstarvedday. The original lineup consisted of Sandro Ferramacho-Vocals (Sunstarvedday), Seedi-Vocals (Abjure, Thanksfornothing, Garuda, Armed Response Unit) Tom Fowler-Bass (Abjure, The Record Buying Public, Million Dead) John Atkins-Bass (Sunstarvedday , The Record Buying Public, Queen of Swords, The Aftermath) and Ben Dawson-Drums (Kneejerk, Million Dead, Armed Response Unit, Queen of Swords, Mothlite, Thanksfornothing, Sunstarvedday, The Aftermath and Mongol Horde).
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