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Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Hard House
2002Joe, Ben, Tia, Pete, and Mookie begin to play music as The Fugue. Record a three-song demo and play lots of shows. Pete leaves at the end of the year. Ben moves over to drums.2003Conrad joins the band. Band records 10-song full-length entitled Muscle that doesn't ever come out because whatever, right? Tour with the Cinema Eye and Audion in the fall.2004Release Four Corner Races 7". Tour a bunch with An Albatross and The Sick Lipstick. Record Mysterious Animals.2005Mysterious Animals released. Tour with Genghis Tron. Mookie leaves the band. Tour some more. Record "Blow Yr Chrome" for a split with AIDS Wolf.2006Brief hiatus as bands focus on other projects. Record lots of demos and self release heaps of material and make no money doing it. West Coast tour with Night Wounds. All summer get wasted but play very little shows and practice even less. Re-emerge in the fall as a five-piece with B-Shap on drums and Ben back on guitar.2007The Fugue tours once again. B-Shap leaves. Hunter and [name withheld for legal reasons] briefly joined making the band a six-piece for the first and only time. Recorded "You Made a Bear Pt. 3" and "She Blinded Me With Violence" for a seven inch that we'd end up not putting out because we broke up.2008Band does not exist.2009Joe and Conrad reform band and begin writing and recording.2010Joe Somar dies from a heart attack at the age of 27.
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