Little Women

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Gilgongo, Sockets
'Throat' is now available for purchase on the AUM Fidelity website!!! Go Here to order your CD or LP!Our our first full-length CD/LP, "Throat" will be released on April 13th!!!!Our debut cd/ep, 'teeth' is available off the Sockets website, Other Music in NYC as well as great local record stores throughout the country. It's also now available on itunes!!'teeth' on VINYL!!!! go to Gilgongo's website to order. All press inquiries, please contact Marisa Handren

For European booking inquires please contact

Quotes about Teeth.

"Little Women is terrifying. Their first full-length, Teeth, is the kind of stuff that haunts Archie Shepp and Cecil Taylor in their worst nightmares. The Brooklyn quartet's saxophone bleats, beyond-angular guitar lines and purposeful, spastic drumming commands'll find incredible form and structure and even hints at traditional bebop tonality within Little Women's incredibly dense walls of sound, which effectively separates them from the bulk of free jazz/noise acts.Anyone who has seen this live has first-hand knowledge of terror." - Impose magazine"Splitting its time between spiralling twin-sax freakouts, tightly coordinated jazz-as-thrash-metal noise blasts, and almost-smooth melody references, "[Teeth] is perhaps most notable for its balance of technical skill and concrete visceral force. It’d be a lot of fun to see kids mosh to this somewhere, and it doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable to think they might try."- PopMatters

"I dare any motherf*cker on the block to comprehend this album—a speed-metal barrage of saxophones and uplifting climaxes reminding me of a modern-day Glen Branca. Simplistic by design, yet horrifically complex by execution, Little Women’s combination of free jazz with the Brooklyn-inspired speed of Mick Barr and the brutal intensity of Coughs puts more feeling and saturation into every track than most bands’ entire discography. Additionally, the wall of sound is immediately palatable to the ears, leaving the mass in between confused and scared to death." - Slug Magazine"[Little Women] are too tight to be called free and too post-punk (no wave?) to be called jazz/rock either. They are most exciting and even throttling at times. Some of the most potent and powerful sh*t I've heard in a long while! - Yowsah!" - Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery)
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