Jesters of Chaos

Seattle, Washington, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore
The Jesters of Chaos formed in 1985 in Seattle, WA. The Jesters had numerous changes of drummers and a bass player, then settled with a solid line up around 1988. A 4 song ep was released at this time. 13 tracks were recorded, with 4 making it to the ep. The rest are hidden away and may someday soon be released. The Jesters played a significant part in the early Seattle Punk scene during the late 80's. The untimely death of lead signer Jeffro in 1992 due to a fatal motorcycle accident keeps the band from ever reuniting. This page is run by the original guitarist, Maddy who now plays in The Bloodclots. This page is Maddy's personal tribute to his fallen friend Jeffro. Jeffro is the reason the Jesters were able to do what they did so well. May his spirit continue to live on through those who hear his music. Rest in peace my friend. This is for you!!!
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