Jephté Guillaume

Brooklyn, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Roots Music / Healing & EasyListening
Tet Kale Records / Spiritual Life Music

solo career

was launched in 1994, with the release of his first hit single


Respe". His next hit single, "The

Prayer (Priye- a)", found its way into DJ rotations around

the world, emerging

from New York clubs like Body & Soul, "Little" Louie Vega's

Dance Ritual,

The Shelter and Brooklyn's Bang the Party as an instant

underground success.

This success was cemented with a stunning performance by Jephte

Guillaume and

the Tet

Kale Orkestra at Body & Soul's Central Park Summerstage


in the summer of 1999. His critically acclaimed self-produced

debut album "Voyage

of Dreams" was released to universal praise and astonishment

in 1998, following

the international success of several 12" singles for Spiritual

Life Music, which

helped to establish the label as a global musical force to be

reckoned with.

And his work has already appeared on a host of compilations on

labels such as

Nuphonic, Island/Hannibal, React, JVC Japan, Wave (Body and Soul


Volume 1 & 2), Sony/Rhythmix France (Trip do Brasil I &

II) , Avex,

Polygram/Motor, Chrysalis France, Life Line Japan and Flower


The many releases of Jephte (including "Love

Light" and "Rhythm

of the Rain") are filled with substantial themes of struggle

and liberation,

but driven by the elements that make us dance: drums loaded

tracks, and lots

of live bass. Enticing keyboard melodies, seamless flute riffs,


vocals, and the occasional flamenco-like guitar seem to emerge

naturally from

his festive rhythms. The result is a new sound - one that

integrates a revolutionary

Haitian spirit with an electronic groove for the technologically


Jephte has spent the last few years on the

club circuit,

making his mark on the deep house movement. A sought-after

bassist and multi-instrumentalist

who has played with a wide range of major artists, from the Soul

Legend, Billy

Preston, to R&B (Destiny's Child, Groove Theory) to nu-soul


J. Blige) to Hip-Hop ( Refugee All-Stars Band, Slick Rick)

to Acid Jazz

(Abstract Truth), to Pop (98 degrees, No Mercy & Sting) to

Haitian Raggamuffin

(Papa Jube) to French Reggae (Tonton David) to French Hip-Hop

Reggae ( Real

Kila) and Gospel artist, Reverend Timothy Wright, The Daughtry Singers of

the House of

the Lord from Brooklyn) he is obviously serious when he says,

"Wherever there

is great music, I am there."

Born in Haiti, but uprooted to Brooklyn

with his family

during the Duvalier regime, Jephte Guillaume is a unique

addition to the trajectory

of Haitian musicians such as Boukman

Eksperyans, whose music transforms Vodun spirituality and

African ancestry

into something universally understood. "Everywhere I go, people

ask me about

the spirituality in my music - they may not know Kreyol, but

they sing along."

True to his roots, Jephte's lyrics come from Haitian folk and

devotional chants,

offering praise to the ancestors and calling for the listeners

to get up and

connect to their spiritual homes. Like Nigeria's Fela Kuti, and

Cameroon's Manu

Dibango, Jephte Guillaume builds a bridge between American Soul,

Jazz, and music

traditions that come directly from the Haitian experience. "The

Haitian drums

are everywhere, just like the Spirits themselves," he says. It

is these Spirits

who pervade the Tet Kale sound. The infectious mixture of

diverse elements in

Jephte Guillaume's music comes as no surprise, when one looks at

his eclectic

career. He is known within the Haitian community as a former

founding member

of the renowned roots-rock band Rara Machine, which toured

worldwide. While

in the U.S., he has developed a committed international dance

audience, releasing

his own vibrant recordings as well as producing successful

remixes for a diverse

collection of artists, including Amel

Larrieux , Clara

Moreno, Pushim,

Toni Braxton,

WildMagnolias, Tokyo

SkaParadise Orchestra,Calyn and Glen Scott.

Jephte Guillaume, NYC based DJ/Producer,

has garnered

mass appeal from his dance-floor audiences. Bringing the same

grace and precision

to handling the decks, as he does in the recording studio, he is


for his rich sets where he mixes Soulful Dance and Spiritual

House grooves with

traditional Afro-Cuban, Afro-Haitian and Brazilian rhythms.

Known as the creator

of 'Vodou House' for some of his well-loved hits (such as: "The

Prayer (Priye- a)," "Ibo Le Le," "Lakou-a," "Al Di Yo," just

to name a few

hits from his double-CD "Voyage

of Dreams") he is firmly established as an international


Jephte scored a subtantial portion of the soundtrack and is

being featured on

the film documentary Maestro.the most realistic and in-depth

motion picture

ever made on dance culture.

Having spent the last few years in the

studio in full-time

production, he has stolen time to spin in the following venues,

often making

return appearances: 2001: Boston: Blue Cat Cafe NYC: Ashford

& Simpsons

Sugar Bar NYC: Club Sugar NYC: Konbit NYC: Chateau Noir NYC:

Guernica 2002:

Ottowa, Canada: Una Mas Montreal: Bang the Party Toronto: Solid

Garage Montreal:

Therapy Montreal: Salon Daome Haiti: Club Sky NYC: Nell's NYC:

Idylwild NYC:

Sugar Bar 2003: NYC: SOB's Puerto Rico: Oleo NYC: Soulsa Puerto

Rico: Candela

Bar NYC: Madiba NYC: Cafe Belmondo NYC: Firehouse NYC: Au Bar

NYC: Together

In Spirit NYC: Bar 169 NYC: Lush NYC: Duplexx NYC: Joes Pub

2004: Tokyo: Loop

Tokyo: Ball NYC: The Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel NYC:

Club Satalla NYC:

The Coral Room NYC: Club Demarara NYC: SOBS (New York Citys

leading world music

spot) Miami: The Clevelander Hotel (Winter Music Conference)

Miami: Club Honey

( Roots Disco Live party at the WMC) NYC: Club Spirit (formely

known as Twilo)

NYC: Club Mission Bologna, Italy: Link, Kinki NYC: Rhone - Soul

Remedy Party

Puerto Rico: Oleo; Rhumba; El Museo del Arte de PR Paris: Wagg

NYC: SOBs - Mondo

Mundo Party Brooklyn: Brooklyn Museum of Art 2005: NYC: Creole

Cafe NYC: Baggot

Inn NYC: Fire House NYC: Bembe Miami: Marlin Hotel Paris: Djoon

{Dance Culture}

Paris: Carmen Cafe Los Angeles: Inspiration NEW Tet Kale Records:

One Respe (Honor

- Respect) - in stores Artist: Jephte Guillaume; catalog number:

tk2006 Soundmen

on Wax: Set Them Free - in stores Artist: Kenny Bobien; Jephte

Guillaume Remix,

written by Sting Gotsoul Records: Piri Wango Iya - in stores

Artist: Geoffrey

Oryema; (Jephte Guillaumes Remix) catalog number GS008 Upcoming

Releases: Tet

Kale Records: Revelation Artist: eddie-f Tet Kale Records: Jou

Sa Artist: Jephte

Guillaume and Rufus. Out now on Tet Kale Records: Artist:

Jephte Guillaume

Presents Erol Josue Tiltle: Papa Loko and Wiltrud Weber

Title: Blue and Deep
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