Jamie Cullum - Shape Of You (Ed Sheeran) Song Society No.9 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 14, 2017
"Learnt", performed and recorded in 1 hour.

Notes on Shape of You - I would say that this version of this song is more like a 'riff' on the original. We decided right at the last minute to do this song and none of us knew it very well even in the back of our minds. It was number 1 on Spotify so we thought we would try it. I've know about Ed for a long time, a mega talent who has worked with my brother Ben in the past. I remember hearing some of his demos before he became so big and thinking that he clearly loved the blues. At one of his early performance I saw him sing a version of 'Wayfaring Stranger' - a traditional gospel song and it always stuck with me. I thought I'd treat this song a little bit like that in tribute.

The rectangle in the middle is the live take, all the others around that one are us figuring the tune out and a good arrangement for it in the hour we had to do it. And that's our dog Jojo, a former street dog from Greece, just being a dog.



I love learning other people’s songs. I find it teaches me a whole lot about songwriting which is particularly inspirational when I’m writing a new album (which is what I am doing NOW!) This time I thought I’d film and record it for you all to check it out and start an official Song Society. The songs I will be doing will be learnt and performed live, warts and all within an hour. These are NOT definitive reconstructions, just a window in to my own education! As the process develops we could vote on what the next song will be if you like? Maybe you’ve recorded you’re own version of this song and share it with us all and let’s discuss what makes these songs great. Here are the rules (made, of course, to be broken).

The Song Society

1. Find a song you love or are fascinated by.
2. Learn and record live within the hour.
3. No previous preparation allowed.
4. Love and live with the mistakes.

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