Jamie Cullum - What Do You Mean? (Justin Bieber). The Song Society No.4 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 02, 2015
Jamie Cullum - What Do You Mean? (Justin Bieber). The Song Society No.4
Notes on What Do You Mean?
This is a cool song. Deceptively simple. It has the same chords all the way through but once I learnt it, I found all the interlocking melodies within all the other sounds that act as extra rhythmic elements too. It fits together like a happy little puzzle. I thought it would be fun to put all these parts together ONLY using the piano. I started with the bass drum which I played with my foot on the underside of the piano, looped it and built it from there. It was really fun to put together and nowhere near as simple as it sounds!


I love learning other people’s songs. I find it teaches me a whole lot about songwriting which is particularly inspirational when I’m writing a new album (which is what I am doing NOW!) This time I thought I’d film and record it for you all to check it out and start an official Song Society. The songs I will be doing will be learnt and performed live, warts and all within an hour. These are NOT definitive reconstructions, just a window in to my own education! As the process develops we could vote on what the next song will be if you like? Maybe you’ve recorded you’re own version of this song and share it with us all and let’s discuss what makes these songs great. Here are the rules (made, of course, to be broken).

The Song Society

1. Find a song you love or are fascinated by.
2. Learn and record live within the hour.
3. No previous preparation allowed.
4. Love and live with the mistakes.

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