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Ivan Milev Band opens the boundaries for an amazing journey into the depths of Bulgarian and Balkan music. A musical genius and legendary performer, accordionist Ivan Milev has established the rules that govern Bulgarian Folk Music throughout his 30-plus year career. He is the mastermind behind Ivan Milev Band, having gathered a group of musicians from Eastern Europe to record a landmark album of Balkan folk music.

Ivan is an accordionist of incredible virtuosity and technique, and his vision of combining multiple ethnic styles has produced tunes with daring key changes and dizzying tempos. Battling solos between the veteran accordionist and his apprentice, violinist Entcho Todorov, deliver energizing performances of Bulgarian and Balkan folk music.

Ivan Milev Band is the vision of two musical talents and two friends – Ivan and Entcho, that see the potential of Balkan music extending far from the Eastern European region and thrilling audiences from different cultures and musical backgrounds around the world.

Some recent Ivan Milev Band reviews:

"The opening band was amazing in a different way. Ivan Milev played. He is from The Balkans and is an accordionist, he was accompanied by an violinist. This guy was truly amazing. His fingers flew across the keys and the crowd was enraptured."



"Now here is the crowning touch. You need to hit the road to Louisville early enough to hear the show-opening Ivan Milev band. Accordionist Milev has been a prime ambassador of Balkan and Bulgarian folk music for over three decades. While he resides in New York, his band still consists exclusively of Eastern European players. Among them is Milev’s apprentice, violinist Entcho Todorov. Together they create positively mad and boundlessly enthusiastic acoustic music. It’s a soul sound from, literally, another world."



If you were one of the lucky ones to catch Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Walters on Washington you witnessed two extraordinary events. One was Sharon and her amazing band, the other was the opening act - the Ivan Milev band. Milev a Bulgarian accordion legend played his brand of Bulgarian folk music with violinist Entcho Todorov to an astonished crowd at the fabled Walters. As the two took the stage the sold out crowd didn’t know what was about to hit them. Playing song after song of dizzying time changes the crowd gave them cheer after cheer. This seemed to really get Milev and Todorov pumped stating that Houston was the best crowd that they had played to on this tour. Rarely have I ever seen an opening act get so much response from a crowd.

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