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The band Farmers Market was formed in Trondheim during the fall of 1991. All members where students of the Jazz Department at the Conservatory of Trondheim. At first Farmers Market started out as a free-jazz quintet, but soon found itself heading in a completely different direction; towards Bulgarian folk-music. Since then - this bulgarian music, with its odd meters, oriental scales and improvisational possibilities, has become one of the main musical ingredients of Farmers Market.

The music of Farmers Market is a mixture of Bulgarian folk music, jazz standards, popular music and humor. Farmers Market has become one of Norway's most popular live bands, playing at all kinds of venues and festivals: jazz, folk and rock. Farmers Market released their first CD, "Speed/Balkan/Boogie", in February 1995. This was a live recording from Molde International Jazzfestival 1994. The CD features 4 guests from Bulgaria; two singers from the women's choir "Lés mystére dés Voix Bulgares" (now known as "Angelite"), and two folkmusicians.

The first Farmers Market saxophonist, Håvard Lund, left the band during fall of 1995 and the band had to look to Bulgaria to get a replacement. Through friends they got in touch with Trifon Trifonov. After an audition over the telephone(!) he joined the band December 1995.

In 1997 - Farmers Market released its second album with saxophonist Trifon Trifonov from Bulgaria. This was an extreme album with elements of many different styles and ideas from bluegrass in odd meters, to Metallica-like versions of traditional balkan tunes, and slick commercial music mixed with Stockhausen! The album got very good rewiews from many contemporary music magazines as well as rock, folk and jazz magazines in Europe. This album made a certain Mr. Mike Patton loose his breakfast and initiate a spamfest towards the bandmembers the result of which might end up in a cd-shop near you. More on this at a later stage.

Farmers Market went into hibernation for a year around 1998-1999. Upon returning to the bopping R(umenian) & B(ulgarian) scene in 2000 Farmers Market had a new record which they released on the German label Winter & Winter. The title of the album is a secret and we'll never tell you. For a label with an etnic predisposition of being irritating - dare we say almost militant - in their effectivenessisity they managed to not only baffle the public but also the band. What is the friggin title on the album!? Nuff said.

Through the years since the band was formed in 1991 Farmers Market has played a few concerts. Even a few concerts with guest musicians. The most prominent of the guests would have to be Michael Brecker (Molde Int Jazzfestival 2003, Nortsee 2004). A tour was planned in Norway spring of 2006 but as you might know he became very sick at the end og 2005 and passed away early 2007. We mourn his loss and are thankful for the opportunity we had to play a while with the great musician!

The new Farmers cd Surfin' USSR is out!!!

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