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[ EQM025 ]

Íon (Ireland)

"Immaculada" DigipakCD 2010

A collection of slow motion mysterious ballads, balancing light and shade, salvation and loss, matching Irish landscapes and Mediterranean sunbathed seashores with its haunting Celtic vibes that thrive and build upon tribal rhythmic patterns.

[ EQM031 ]

Rajna (France)

"Offering" DigipakCD, 12"LP+CD Collectors Edition 2010

With their 9th album and first for Equilibrium, Rajna continue their musical and cultural quest, presenting their music on vinyl for the first time. Collector's edition limited to 150 copies on coloured vinyl, inc. CD version of the album and postcard.

[ EQM027 ]

Arditi (Sweden)/ Signa Inferre (Germany)

"Statues of Gods / Invictis Victi Victuri" 10"EP 2009

Split release featuring 3 unreleased tracks by each band, which serves not only to present new material by Arditi but also to introduce German Neo-Classical / Martial Industrial newcomers Signa Inferre.

[ EQM026 ]

Deleyaman (U.S.A.)

"Fourth, Part One" Digipak CD 2009

Deleyaman translate a sense of timeless spirituality into a contemporary and universal language. Hardly classifiable into a single genre, “Fourth, Part One” combines Darkwave with ethnic and ethereal elements.

[ EQM023 ]

The Moon and the Nightspirit (Hungary)

"Ösforrás" Digipak CD, Digibook Collector's Edition CD 2009

"On their third album, "Ösforrás" - the “Source Pristine”, the duo embody on their new material a more tribal and exotic approach, in intense rituals dedicated to the old and eternal tradition, where World Music acquires a bewitching Pagan aura.

[ EQM022 ]

Les Fragments de la Nuit (France)


du Crépuscule" Digipak CD 2008

"Musique du Crépuscule"

is a vision of night wrapped in mystery: a night haunted by

spectral chants, under the spell of epic, poignant strings

and sustained by hypnotic piano pulsations.

[ EQM021 ]

Puissance (Sweden)


of Disease" Digipak CD 2008

Following the overtly confrontational

offerings of "Let Us Lead" and "Back

In Control", Puissance set to resurrect the

ghosts of Cold War and the obsession with all things thermonuclear

that haunted the planet - the "Mother of Disease".

[ EQM020 ]

Arditi (Sweden)


Ensis Impera" Digipak CD 2008, LP 2008, Collectors Box

"Omne Ensis Impera"

introduces an additional strength to Arditi's

compositions - epic orchestral loops and thunderous percussions

are granted a more prominent role, stirring the damp and suffocating

ambiance that the duo have always produced.

[ EQM019 ]

Hexperos (Italy)


Garden of the Hesperides" Digipak CD 2007

Debut album by Hexperos, a new

project by soprano Alessandra Santovito, founding member of

Gothica. Dark Neo-Classical chamber music, which easily

deserves a place alongside the best works from acts such as

Arcana, Ophelia's Dream or Sopor Aeternus.

[ EQM016 ]

Poets to their Beloved (Germany

/ Holland)


the Fool" Digipak CD 2007

Debut album by the German/Dutch duo

who conquered physical distance through proximity of hearts.

On the verge of neo-folk, Poets to their Beloved offers

a unique atmosphere built on stringed instruments such as

acoustic guitars, cello, violin and bass.

[ EQM013 ]

Dwelling (Portugal)


é Noite" Digipak CD 2007

Dwelling present their second

opus, where nostalgia and romanticism often turn into decadent

bohemian extravaganza, as the taste of Fado acquires a more

progressive aroma, and Classical overtones flirt with Jazzy

grooves throughout the album.

[ EQM018 ]

The Moon and the Nightspirit (Hungary)


Rejtem " Digipak CD 2007

An impressive return, which finds the

duo tapping further into their Hungarian roots, both lyrically

and musically, resorting to ethnic instruments that add a

more colourful and vibrant tone to their sound. One of the

finest Pagan/Folk releases this year.

[ EQM017 ]

Puissance (Sweden)


of God" Digipak CD 2007

The cogwheels on the Puissance

warmachine are back to work, as defiant and innovative as

ever. "Grace of God" re-invents the current notion of Martial-Pop,

with their own superior combination of sumptuous Neo-Classical

and Industrial music.

[ EQM011 ]

Puissance (Sweden)


In Control" Digipak CD 2007

Puissance's second full-length

album, one which has consolidated their status as forerunners

in the Industrial/Militaristic scenario, which hereby starts

to take on a more Neo-Classical orientation. Deluxe remastered

edition with one bonus track.

[ EQM015 ]

Arditi (Sweden)


on to Victory" Digipak CD 2007

Originally released in a 1000 copies

limited edition in 2003, this was Arditi's first full-length

album, now made available again with 2 extra tracks in deluxe


[ EQM009 ]

Íon (Ireland)


Protégenos" Digipak CD 2006

Named after the Gaelic word for 'pure',

Íon seems to illude strict categorization, and even

the apparently all-encompassing definition of World Music

falls short in defining the ethereal moods that "Madre, Protégenos"

comes to reveal.

[ EQM010 ]

Ashram (Italy)


Silver Skies" Digipak CD 2006

Four years after their homonymous debut,

the Italian ensemble finally completes their second album,

a masterpiece which not only embodies the romantic backdrop

of early 1900’s glamour but that also flirts with a slightly

naïve Folk spirit occasionally.

[ EQM014 ]

Arditi (Sweden)


of Triumph" Digipak CD / 12" Gatefold LP 2006

Boasting the unique personality of Arditi,

"Standards of Triumph" taps further into the darker tones

of Militaristic Neo-Classical ambiance that has become the

band's trademark, resulting in their strongest effort so far.

[ EQM012 ]

Arditi (Sweden)


of Iron" 7" EP 2006

"Destiny of Iron" presents 2 new tracks

by Arditi, exclusive to this release, in their unique

brand of obscure and suffocating Militaristic ambiance. Limited

edition of 500 copies, pressed in high-quality heavy vinyl.

[ EQM008 ]

The Moon and the Nightspirit (Hungary)


Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold" Digipak CD 2005

A mystical journey into the amaranthine

realm of dreams and beauty, inspired by pagan fables and ancient

Hungarian folk music. 9 songs filled with enchanting female

vocals, violins, woodwinds and piano, accompanied by acoustic

guitars and percussion.

[ EQM004 ]

Ataraxia / Autunna et sa Rose (Italy)


Eis Ouranon - La Via Verso il Cielo" Digipak 2x CD 2005

Following a very special live performance

that brought them together at the church of St. Michele in

Rovigo, Ataraxia and Autunna et sa Rose have

agreed to release the songs especially arranged for this unique

occasion on CD.

[ EQM007 ]

Puissance (Sweden)


Us Lead" Digipak CD 2005

Originaly released on CMI in 1996, "Let

Us Lead" stills stands as one of the most impressive and groundbreaking

releases in the Industrial/Militaristic fusion that has become

so popular recently. Finally re-issued on deluxe Digipak with

one bonus track.

[ EQM006 ]

Vittorio Vandelli (Italy)


Day of Warm Rain in Heaven" Digipak CD 2004

Inspired by Coleridge's Rhyme of the

Ancient Mariner, this solo work by Ataraxia's guitarist,

displays both trademark elements of his main band and a rich

myriad of influences and sounds new to his composition. Featuring

Francesca Nicoli on vocals.

[ EQM005 ]

Lupercalia (Italy)


Digipak CD 2004

In the finest Italian Neo-Classical

Medieval/Gothic Italian tradition, Lupercalia's second

album blends together Eastern and European influences in an

alchemical creation produced by top-notch musicianship and

a strong soprano voice.

[ EQM003 ]

Dwelling (Portugal)


Digipak CD 2003

Ethereal Neo-Classical compositions,

inspired by the essence of Portuguese Fado, brought to life

by acoustic string instruments and voice.

[ EQM002 ]

Aenima (Portugal)


Fragile" Digipak CDEP 2002

A superb combination between technological artifacts and melodic

song writing, augmented by spellbinding female vocals, somewhere

between The Gathering, Cocteau Twins and Dead

Can Dance.

[ EQM001 ]

Dwelling (Portugal)


Digipak MCD 2001

Ethereal Neo-Classical compositions, exquisitely weaved out

of acoustic guitars, violin and bass guitar, and blissfully

adorned by sweet female vocals.
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