Liquidsilva feat. M.I.C, Mikel Cole (Marques Houston - Cousin) & Dj Woogie (SODMG) - Up in the Club - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 05, 2013
UP IN THE CLUB ft. Liquidsilva, Mikel Cole, Dj Woogie, M.I.C

Towards the end of the music video the break down in the song is a new song called "2Bottles1Cup" with special appearance by Dj Woogie ( SODMG ) who is also on the hook line on that part. Dj Woogie's collaboration was brought together by DJ Bionic (SOB) and NGU who set up the Liquidsilva , Dj Woogie and Streets on Beats Germany tour same time as the music video shoot.

MIKEL COLE (Marques Houston's Cousin)

This music video is a collaboration of 2 songs produced my NGU music group. (
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