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A lot of MC’s have a long drawn out story about how and why they started rapping. This is not the case with Lil Haiti’s own.

He wasn’t in a near fatal car accident and he wasn’t robbed at gun point and he’s never ever been shot, he simply went to a Run DMC concert and after seeing them rip the stage said “ I can do that” and the rest is history.

Even his artist name came naturally “ as a young boy people always used to ask me, why are your eyes always so red?”

From the streets of Miami emerges Redd Eyezz.

In his early rap career he was a part of a group, The Haiti Boys, he started putting in serious work and learning the ropes with DJ Raw in Miami. He soon after found himself in another group situation, the infamous Zoe Pound, in the midst of recording their first album Redd Eyezz ran into some legal issues. After 11/2 year of on and off again incarceration he was able to continue and finish the Zoe Pound album.

The album had local success and independently moved 10k units.

At a session in Circle house studios he met the Cash Money Millionaires. This proved to be a lucky chance encounter, for soon after he developed a relationship with the group and went on to tour across the US. After the tour he went on to pursue his solo career.

He collaborated with Juvenile on the lead single “Put your sets up” off his first solo album “Eyezz of the Storm”. He went on promo tour for the album and caught Major record label interest, after attending a few meetings and weighing his options decided to stay independent.

Soon after he began touring once again with Juvenile and UTP for about a year. He briefly left the tour to take a part in the movie Miami Vice where he portrayed a realistic role as a Zoe Pound member. He also had a special segment in the DVD bonus feature explaining what the movie depicted as Lil Haiti. He then returned on tour with UTP.

When the tour ended, he went on to appear on the UTP Reality Check album and Pitbull’s El Mariel album.

Since then, Redd Eyezz has been working in the studio, collaborating with industry elites like Lil Wayne, Baby, Flo Rida, Rick Ross, Raekwon, Junior Reid, Guru, Smoke and BG to name a few, for his second solo album. He is currently putting finishing touches on the album and preparing for the road ahead.

This young man’s illustrious journey through the music industry is a blessing.

Redd Eyezz - Put Yo Sets Up

Redd Eyezz - Who Are You

Redd Eyezz - Is It True
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