DJ Whoo Kid Interview - The first time he met Giggs, 50 Cent is 'dangerous' & leaking music - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 05, 2016
I sat down with DJ Whoo Kid at Eminem's Shade 45 radio station in New York.
We talked up everything from how he got started & became 'The Mixtape King', leaking a Biggie record that Puffy didn't even know about, bringing 10 strippers for Kevin Costner & his forthcoming book 'The Cock That Conquered' (lol).
We also talk about his interest in UK music, before it was cool (and international), gay rappers, 50 Cent being 'a dangerous guy' and why UK artists don't need acceptance or respect from the US!


Filmed by @djstylusuk at Shade 45, Sirius XM (New York)

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