DJ Day

Palm Springs, California, US
Other / Hip Hop
MPM, Subcontact
I'm not gonna sit here and write this in 3rd person, this is me from me:

I was born in the mid-seventies in Palm Springs California. I started DJing in 1989 with a cheap 1-piece turntable/radio/tape deck, 2 boom boxes and dreams of being the best. After years of practicing and listening to DJs like Jazzy Jeff, Joe Cooley, Miz and DJ Aladdin I decided to venture out of my room and started doing local house parties. In 1995 I hooked up with a DJ from Los Angeles named Rip One and we formed a group called Innernational. After doing songs for Return of the DJ and Laid In Full I decided to focus on my own career. I try to be a well-rounded DJ incorporating mixing, juggling, scratching, & blends, being both technically proficient and soulful at the same time.
Music, to me, is the most immediate form of expression and one that transcends culture, class, race, language and all that. Whether I'm making my own music or playing records in front of a crowd, I'm out to make people feel something.

Return of the DJ 3 (Bomb Hip Hop)
Laid In Full (Ill Boogie)
Emanon Anon & On (production, scratches and vocals on "A Day in Exile") (Ill Boogie)
Blame One A Complex Burden
Karmic Basis "Secshun Eight"
Credit is Due (7T5)
People Music (7T5)
50 (7T5)
52 (7T5)
Innernational Comp 1-3 (INL)
The Day Before (MPM)
"Make You" 7" (Curio)
"What Planet What Station" 12" (Milkcrate)
"Lucien" 7" (Subcontact)
"Get It On" 7" (Subcontact)
"Gone Bad" 12" (MPM)
"Absence of Color III/IV" 12" (Sound in Color)
"Change Your Mind" 7" (Subcontact)
"Got To Get It Right" 12" EP (MPM)
Daily Bread (Aloe Blacc & DJ Day) - "That's That" 12" (Subcontact)

Aloe Blacc - "Ordinary People Remix Suite" (DJ Day & Aloe Blacc remix)
Kutiman - "Music is Ruling My World" (MPM)
Mo' Horizons - "A Y N'ama" (Agogo)
Janko Nilovic -" Leslie's Back (Chorus For Leslie)" (Vadim)
People Under the Stairs - "Step Bacc" (Piecelock70)
Incognito - "I Come Alive" (Heads Up International)
Tittsworth - "Here He Comes (ft. Nina Sky & Pitbull)" (T&A/Plant Music)
Film Scores:
6:30 Movie

Awards & Press:
1999 Moves & Grooves DJ Battle Champion
Village Voice
URB Magazine
The Fader
Juice Magazine
Your From Where? Magazine
Dirt Magazine
Desert Post Weekly
Stealth (Australia)
Hidden (Japan)
Vinyl Exchange
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