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Stones Throw
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Simply stated, I'm a musician. I have produced music in many genres from country and folk to hip-hop and dancehall. Whatever I make depends on what instrument I choose to pick up at the time; the guitar usually brings something alternative out, while the keys direct me to a more soulful composition. Most times I just make some banging hip hop. Check out the sites below and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Aloe Blacc: | Aloe Blacc France: | | djexile.comMyspace: Emanon | Nathaniel | Lil' Mike & The Tunes | The Breakdown BIOSo Cal native Aloe Blacc began his recording career as an MC back in 1995, when he joined up with hip-hop producer Exile to form the mainstay indie rap group, Emanon. A few years later, Aloe would stow away on a Lootpack European tour and become fast friends with Oh No a relationship which led to many fruitful collaborations as a solo artist.These days, Aloe Blacc has evolved into a true Renaissance man. Recordings like his Latin cover of John Legends Ordinary People prove that not only can this multi-instrumentalist produce, rap and sing but he can flip it in Spanish, too. With an amazingly broad set of influences ranging widely from the acoustic guitar stylings of folk artist Cat Stevens, to the soul-stirring sounds of the Negro Spirituals, Aloe prides himself on the spectrum of his musical roots. His sound often forays into the digital R&B realm, but always grooves with a tinge of Latin and the pulse of, July 10, 2006As a singer, rapper, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Blacc is a similarly inventive experimenter, defying easy categorization on "Nascimento," which begins as an aria and concludes as broken-beat hip-hop. Thematically, Blacc uses the song's literal meaning -- which in Portuguese translates to "birth" -- as a launching pad for pondering the joyous anxiety of exploring a physical relationship. READ MOREENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Feb, 16, 2009"I Need a Dollar." It sounded like the type of thing you might discover deep in someone's collection of old soul records on vinyl — maybe an obscure Bill Withers B-side we weren't familiar with? READ MORE

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