David Martinez

Corpus Christi, Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Acoustic / Rock / Country
D & D Records
“It’s startling enough when a debut album is packed with quality songwriting and musicianship. David Martinez takes you on a journey with such great care, you’ll want to go again.” –Maggie DiPietra, WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa

"Pop Rock with Classic Rock overtones, ala the middle ground between Los Lonely Boys, Jack Johnson, and the Allman Bros" -TAXI A&R Taxi.com

David Martinez is in a genealogical line with the great Texas Rock 'n Rollers, echos of Buddy Holly, Steve Miller and Los Lonely Boys resound.

-Peter Hay of Twinvision

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David Martinez (Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals)

David Martinez Bio:

David Martinez, singer/songwriter, born and bred in Corpus Christi, Texas, will release his independent debut record this Summer. Music started at a young age for David, who was influenced by his father, a multi-instrumentalist. Influences at 4 years old, included Grand Funk Railroad, Kiss, Steve Miller Band, Led Zeppelin, and countless others.

At 15 years old, David's father purchased his first guitar and David immediately started learning chords and how to play to the likes of Zeppelin and Hendrix. Dave hooked up with friends from school and immediately started to song write. This is where a foundation was built and now results are starting to be seen.

In the summer of 2006, David hit the road with Jimmy Willden and Hope Cassity and toured the Western and Northern part of the US. This was an experience that was priceless and led to a meeting with one of David's main influences, Leroy. Leroy came out with his debut album in 2000 and was one of the few signed to Hollywood Records. Before that, Leroy fronted a band called HOG, which was part of the Geffen family.

After the tour ended, David returned and began working on songs he wanted to record and asked Leroy if he would produce. To his surprise, Leroy was ecstatic and excited to be working with someone he could mentor and take to the next level. Leroy has worked with the likes of Bob Cavallo Sr., Jack Joseph Puig, John Mayer, Steve Jordan, and Pino Palladino. In March of 2007, David flew to Los Angeles and recorded two songs at Leroy's Place in Hollywood, CA. One of the songs was "Can't Find You", which served as the catalyst to work on a record with Leroy and his great musician friends.

At the end of May, David jumped in his car, drove from Corpus Christi, Texas to Los Angeles, California, and made it in time to start recording June 1st. Leroy enlisted drummer Kane McGee of The Northstar Session, Cha Chi who is a percussionist in the L.A area, Adam MacDougall, keyboardist, who is a current member of The Black Crowe's and has played with Leroy, Nikka Costa, Macy Gray, and The Jayhawks. This was an experience beyond belief and Leroy pushed David to the limit and summoned the untapped talent within himself. Leroy also played lead guitar, percussion, slide guitar, mandolin, harmonica, backing vocals, and acoustic guitar.

David's family and friends, which include his mother, three brothers, niece, nephew and countless other friends and family are a major influence in David's life which reflect his body of work. The love and devotion of all these people make it possible for David to be in the position he is in. Without them, he would be nothing.

Photo Courtesy of Nancy's Photos: 361.790.2849


Johnny Ramos (Drums and Percussion)

Johnny Ramos Bio:

Johnny J. Ramos Jr., drummer, percussionist, composer, and all around music lover will be teaming up with David Martinez to bring the music to life. Drumming and music, in general, came at a young age , at the age of four to be exact. Johnny's parents are huge influences and their support is infinite.

Some of Johnny's early influences include The Gospel Actions, George Benson, Santana and later influences include Yanni, Bela Fleck, and Dave Mathews Band just to name a few.

Johnny started playing drums at the age of four and played with his family in the churches where his father would pastor. He continued to learn different instruments in Middle and High School and attended Coastal Bend College on a music scholarship where he pursued a Major in Music.

At age 22, the birth of his son, Johnny Ramos III, fueled the desire to better his life and move in a positive direction.

Later on down the road, Johnny married the love of his life, Kerri. She gave birth to their daughter, Angel Noelle Ramos. This magnificent event gave Johnny the motivation to direct this positive energy to his music and gave him a reason to make his life more positive and be the best to his wife and daughter.

After performing with Jazz, Concert, and local church bands, Johnny was introduced to David Martinez and his music. After their first performance on October 17, 2008, Johnny was convinced that, "this is what i need to be doing", and the journey has began!

David Martinez says this of Johnny:

" I feel like God has blessed us both and I am proud to call this man my friend and my band mate. He is a great father, husband, and has love for his family and friends that goes beyond words. I am happy to have Johnny in the band, but I am more grateful to have a man of his integrity and drive to continue this musical journey. "

Photo Courtesy of Nancy's Photos: 361.790.2849


Johnny Mitchell (Bass Guitar)

Johnny Mitchell's musical journey started at a young age. In fact, it starting in 1965 at the tender age of 12 where he started playing local bars and parties and became a hot commodity.

His early influences include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, and just about any English rock band. He is currently an avid fan of Latin Rock and Pop.

In addition to playing Bass, he also plays six-string acoustic and electric guitar, sings, composes, and keys. He is a very sought after musician for other projects and his talent speaks for itself.

He is currently rehearsing with The David Martinez Band, who are getting ready to add a slew of shows over the next few months as they make their push to hit the masses and Johnny has added a soulful dimension to the band just like he did before.

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