Hope Cassity

Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Country / Folk Rock / Pop
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You are watching the singer/guitarist with great interest. Her spirited live show and ability to craft well-written songs have already grabbed your attention. But now she does something that catches you by surprise. She takes out her cell phone. Slowly dialing someone’s number, she softly mentions that the next song is one of her mother’s favorites. So, she explains, she is going to call her mother to talk about it. Sure enough, a woman’s voice is heard on the speakerphone. The singer is now the mediator between a large crowd of people in a club and her mother, seemingly half a world away. Unusual stage antics? Yes. Refreshingly creative and sincere? Most definitely.
Born and raised in Monroeville, Alabama, Hope Cassity displayed an affinity for music and the stage at an early age. She performed at countless festivals and fairs throughout the Southeast, even sharing the stage with the likes of Tanya Tucker and Charlie Daniels.
As with all young musicians, though, she inevitably faced a decision: should she pursue music as a career, or move on to other, more stable professions. Fueled by the realization that music was her calling, she attended a recording school near Columbus, Ohio.
It was there that Cassity discovered the different genres which would influence her brand of guitar-driven music. With a newfound knack for blending country, folk and alternative, she moved to Dallas.
Juggling her shows with a job in which she worked with homeless and runaway kids, Cassity began to build a following. She was motivated by the grit and guts shown by the young people with whom she became attached. It is not surprising that it was at this point that her music career blossomed.
Cassity has since toured relentlessly during the past two years. She has been up and down the West Coast, as well as along the northern border of the United States. All in all, she has performed more than 150 shows since January, 2006. The coming year will have Cassity appearing in Australia for the first time. At the forefront of her live show is a desire to connect with audiences.
Be it a phone call to her family or a revealing story told to a hushed and attentive audience, Cassity does what she does on stage because she views it as a way to break down the wall that often stands between performers and audiences.
Inspired by artists such as Patsy Cline, Ben Harper, and Fleetwood Mac, Cassity has chosen to leave her heart on her sleeve. Thus far, audiences have responded, grateful for an experience that is often described as visceral.
Now that she has released her long-anticipated debut CD, Running in November, to rave reviews, Cassity wants to share her songs with larger audiences. What can these new listeners expect?
Cassity considers her tunes to be intimate stories of life, love, and relationship - each told from the perspective of a small-town Southern girl whose music is likely to take her elsewhere around the world. For more information on Hope Cassity, visit www.HopeCassity.com.

I am a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Monroeville, Alabama currently living in Dallas, Texas. Music is my passion.
i live in the moment.i take chances.i risk losing it all for the sake of my dreams.i dream big.i love a loti cry when i laugh.laugh when i cry.i am a free spirit.i move too often.but not often enough.i enjoy balance.i am spiritual not religous.i believe success is defined by happiness.happiness leads to success.music makes me happiest.people intrigue me.life is too shortso am Ibut i am optimisticpessimism is the root of failure.i like ME time.which includes painting, poetry, playing guitar or cuddling with my kitten.my life is wonderful.i am thankful.classic mustangs are awesome.so are cars with wheels (like my little honda civic).i am a tomboy deep down.love dirt, rocks, and climbing things.i wear baseball caps. and earrings.i have two extremes.my heart has been broken.but the scars made me stronger.i don't believe in regrets.i do believe in second chances.people change.so do i.i adapt to my surroundings to survive.sanity is not an option.living life is.and I choose to live COMPLETELY without exceptions, expectations, or hesitation. spontanaity is bliss.i am blind but i can seei make mistakesbut they make me better.learning is essential.loving is crucialand change is always present. Fall is my favorite season, intuition guides my decisions, i want to travel.but need to settle.i overanalyze situations.i enjoy freedom.i am sensitive.productive.motivated.and driven. I keep my car on empty.i keep my radio turned upmy mind wonders.my soul searches.for something but I have NO idea what?
so that is me.and what i am all aboutI am happy.in bliss.and loving every moment of all of this!!!!!!!!!!
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