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Washington, US
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Pop / Rock / Blues
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Yes (get it), that's me on my hero Alan White's drumset!






**********************Eddie Mendoza***********************

Well that is my name, and I live to play drums.

My first musical experiences came from backing up my mother Susie Rough, at various spots in Tucson, playing Jazz, Blues, and Rock standards, as well as a few select Original songs. I went on to play with Edgar Mendians and his brother; Chris Mendians, in the Last Disciples and actually sang lead vocals for the first few shows. Developing more experience with cats like Randy Collel and Edgar Boteler in Tucson, then getting a chance to play with Donald 'ROB' Roberts in Gypsy's Kiss, which later turned to the Thin Elephants On Ice with Stephani Berger, and David Tracy. Graduating to the drum chair taking over for Todd Mellor in the Stop Time Jazz Band with Tony Frank on trumpet and lead vocals, and Steven Sainz on Bass guitar, sharing the stage with various players like Matt Mitchell, 'Sly' Slippetsky, Haji Akbar, Malik Alcobir, Craig Fullton, Rob Boone, Pete Swan, Artt Frank, and a who's who of Tucson's finest musicians. Falling in and out of various bands as well with the likes of Planet Bluez, the Daredevils, Bobby Taylor, Pete Rondstadt, Susan Artemus, and Scott Black to name a few.

In 1999 I joined a new lineup of the Keltic Cowboys calling ourselves Wander the Earth ( a few drifting tracks are on my player). This band was comprised of Frank Mackey on electric and acoustic guitars, accordian, banjo, harmonica, and vocals; Scott Jeffers on violin, guitar, bazouki and oud, as well as vocals; Glenn Allyn on mandolin, string harp, guitars, bass guitar, and vocals, and Paddy Broderick on bass guitar, penny whistle and vocals

After a brief stay in Texas near Corpus Christi I moved up to the Seattle Tacoma area, and could not be happier. Starting off playing with a middle eastern band Hejira, and falling in with the boys from Jude Dugan with phenom guitarist Ian Crawford, and the amazing songwriting of Lucas Rable. I have been fortunate to have opportunities to keep honing my craft. Getting to jam with local badasses like Randy Oxford, Doug McGrew, Michael Johnson, Lynn Sorensen, Doug Skoog, The Cafe Authors, Randy Hansen, Billy Shew, Darren Motamedy, Alan White, Reek Havok, Geoffery Castle, The James Howlett Band, Tim Turner, Mark Whitman, Tess and Cesar, Lori Miller and dozens of others I am proud to call the Pacific Northwest Home.

I am fortunate right now to be playing with 2 very promising projects!! I am sooo fortunate, to be starting a project with

********************Miss Aury Moore***********************

She is one of seattles' finest and an inspiration to both play with, and to witness.( I also plan on Marrying her someday!) Along with Ronnie Dalesio virtuoso on the Bass guitar, and Joel Gamble boards and violin. The intense compatibility of these diverse players is a force to be reckoned with. I am humbled to call myself a member of this tour de force of musical brilliance which is preparing to take over the Pacific Northwests Blues and Rock scene!

My newest project is called

******************Honest Green*************************

which is an acoustic assembly of musicians with Mr. Keith rivers on vocals, And two fine ladies Amanda s, and Leslie on the cello. We are looking for a new Guitarist, so if any one is interested in an eclectic mix of pop ballads and funky jazzy acoustic Love, ring us up!!

+++++++All in all I am a lucky man who is looking forward to nothing but increased passion and ooportunities!!!! Hope you like the Music!!!!!!

~~~~And as soon as I can figure out how to put more songs into MP3 format, I will be updating my page as soon as I can!! So Please come back!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As lover's of good music, I am a bit biased; as to live performance. I hold a band only as worthy as their live show! I, as a result take great pride in having the privelege of playing music for an audience, and take it seriously!!! I hope that the world over has the possibility of seeing me perform live, even if it is just to throw tomatoes. For a bad day on stage, still beats just about anything else!!!

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I can also be found on the new Freesound release on the song 'Watermelon Lover'. It's sort of a stony funky rock song that I was called in to record after they had layed down the rhythm tracks. I recorded this track with them over a year ago, as a sort of hired mercenary, but it's me on drums, and that's what keeps my blood flowing!!! You can check it out on my links page to their myspace page. Hope you like it!

------------Johnny Lang!----------------
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